Are you thinking in renovate your home? Would you like to do some reforms but you don’t want to have to go through all the disorder that comes with its oversight?... If you need help with your building works, reforms, etc in your property and need help with the supervising as you will not be in the country while the works are permforming and want to have peace of mind that someone will manage and supervise the work to be done, we are the right agents. We take care of managing and overseeing construction projects and reforms in both new and second-hand housing, including taking care of progress and still pending works, managing payments, making periodic reports to the owners.

We also have a portfolio of trusted and high quality suppliers in case you want us to bring the contractors to do the work. With the security of everything will be monitored by us in detail and  give you the peace of mind that the works were coming to fruition avoiding the disorders that being aware of big reforms means.

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